We are the kind of people who add hot sauce to everything we eat(pizza, nachos, eggs, seafood, and more).  Let’s face it a little spice make everything nice. You could say we are hooked on heat.  This blazing brew was created in a little place where the beer flows like wine, so we wanted a sauce that was as unique as Aspen itself.  We wanted an uber fresh and flavorful alternative to the typical vinegar based hot sauce.  After all, why mask your food with vinegar, we’re not trying to pickle it.  After a year of experimenting in the kitchen, we came up with the “Aspen Exteme” of HOT Sauces.  It’s the perfect complement to all of your favorite dishes.  It will make you sweat on a powder day and have you craving more. ​


basalt, CO 81621


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This is the "Aspen Extreme" of HOT Sauces 

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